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Clive opens new Parent and Toddler group for the blind

Clive was delighted to open a new Parent and Toddler group run by the Royal London Society for Blind People.  The group is specifically for blind toddlers and helps them to understand the world around them, communicate with their family better (85% of learning when you are young is done via sight) and improve their mobility. It’s a service which supports mums and dads too, who often feel very anxious and lonely when trying to bring up a child with a visual impairment. Continue reading

Olympic volleyball court comes to Samuel Montagu

Ever wondered what happened to the sand used in the 2012 Olympic beach volleyball competition at the iconic Horse Guards Parade?

Well a lot of it has been used to create a brand new beach volleyball court at Samuel Monatgu Youth Club.  Continue reading

Clive takes part in Archery competition

Clive today attended a ‘Have a go’ Archery Session organised by Archery GB in Parliament.

With nearly 50 MPs taking part the competition was fierce, Clive managed to score a respectable 31 with 6 arrows.

Speaking after the event Clive said:

“Archery is a fantastic sport, following the coverage in the Olympics I am sure many people have become more interested in the sport and I highly recommend that you find your local archery club and have a go.”

To find out more about Archery visit

Clive congratulates English Lacrosse Association on its successful bid to host the 2012 Women’s World Cup

Today, 12th July, it was announced that the English Lacrosse Association (ELA) has been successful in its bid to host the tenth Women’s World Cup in 2017. This topped a good fortnight for the governing body which saw an England double gold at the European Championships, where both the men’s and women’s teams emerged victorious.

Continue reading

Levelling the Playing Field

Read Clive’s article on the impact of science and technology on sport here. Published in Public Service Review: UK Science and Technology 6. Pg. 11. Continue reading