Yes to Silvertown Link with DLR

Clive is urging local residents to take part in the Mayor for London’s consultation on river crossings by supporting a new crossing at Silvertown and insisting the new crossing includes the DLR.

Let's bring an end to daily Blackwall congestion

Let’s bring an end to daily Blackwall congestion

Clive has written to many of his constituents asking them to take part in TfL’s latest consultation on a third river crossing at Blackwall. The deadline for submissions is the 1st February 2013.

“I have been campaigning for over 10 years for a third crossing at Silvertown to relieve traffic congestion on the approaches to the Blackwall Tunnel,” Clive explained,  “this would include an extra road crossing but must also bring the DLR to North Greenwich. In the longer term we could then look at options to bring the DLR along the motorway to central Eltham.”Greenwich Council has already carried out a feasibility study into the North Greenwich/Eltham DLR link which concluded, “It would vastly improve north-south public transport links and connect large swathes of Greenwich Borough with existing fixed-track services to/from Central London and other parts of the Capital.”

“The construction of an elevated DLR extension along the line of the A2-BTSA, would undoubtedly provide a very sensible, high profile facility along a recognised transport corridor with good legibility and minimum land take.”

“If we just build a third crossing at Blackwall without the DLR we will simply generate more traffic and in a few years time we will end up with exactly the same levels of congestion as now because we have failed to properly invest in our public transport system,” warned Clive.

Since becoming Mayor for London Boris Johnson has turned his back on the congestion problems that we local road users experience in southeast and east London whenever the slightest problem occurs in or around the Blackwall Tunnel.

The Silvertown crossing was part of the original three crossings plan which included the DLR crossing to Woolwich which was delivered by the last Mayor, the Thames Gateway Bridge and the Silvertown crossing.  Clive has consistently argued that the priority should be to build the third crossing from Greenwich Peninsula before any attempt is made to build a new bridge further east.

The Silvertown link was not even mentioned in Boris’s consultation document on his future transport plans for London published at the end of 2009.  After Clive urged constituents to respond to the consultation asking for a Silvertown link to be given priority the Mayor was forced to carry out a new consultation including the Silvertown option.

Now TfL is undertaking a further consultation on options for new river crossings in East and South East London.  It is very important that as many people as possible take part before the 1 February deadline to call for a new road and DLR link to North Greenwich.  You can take part on line, here: or email   

Clive says:  “the three points I would stress are:

Build the third Blackwall Tunnel crossing, but only with a DLR crossing included:  The third tunnel between North Greenwich and Docklands at Silvertown has been under consideration for too long and we cannot afford any further delay.  It must be built but will only be effective if it also expands public transport links.  I would not support the Silvertown Link if it does not bring the DLR to Eltham.

Include a crossing for the Docklands Light Railway: Again, the third crossing must also provide an opportunity to create a link for the Docklands Light Railway between North Greenwich and Docklands.  North Greenwich is a major transport interchange and the DLR will create greater choice for people.   Buses and the DLR are the stitching that brings communities in the east Thames corridor closer together.  As the area north of the river develops, more job opportunities will be created, which will increase the demand from people who live in this area for more public transport links.  It will not be sufficient just to build another road tunnel.

Build on the work already done by Greenwich Council to draw up plans to bring the DLR to Eltham:  If the DLR comes to North Greenwich then it could be brought to Eltham along the corridor of the A102.  There is land along most of its length which could allow a new rail link to run alongside, or even above it.

If we are to tackle congestion and give people access to areas of employment then we have to consider all options.”

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