Clive organises rescue of Samuel Montague Youth Club

Clive has been working over the last two years to put together a team of people to save Samuel Montague Youth Club. The Youth Club had been an independent trust since it opened. It was funded from the profits from an investment, but this had gradually eroded over many years until there was not enough coming in to cover the bills.

Working in partnership with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust Clive has secured enough money for the next three years after being approached by Trust members looking for help. The youth club will continue to operate as before.

Work is underway to develop a partnership with the users including football, boxing, rugby and Friday Friends group. Clive stated, “Being able to save something as important as Samuel Montague makes being an MP one of the best jobs a person can have. We will need to use the next three years to build up the finances so that Samuel Montague will have a secure future. I want to explore ways of building on the excellent work already being undertaken at the Club to develop it as a youth and sports hub for the whole community.”

Pictured above is Clive explaining the future of the club to a meeting of local residents and users of the club.

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